Why We Are Special

What makes the NibbleNet ® Special?

1* The NibbleNet® is Proudly Made in the USA!!!

2* The NibbleNet® is designed, created and manufactured by Thin Air Canvas, Inc.

3* The NibbleNet® slow-feeding system is veterinary recommended as an aid to prevent ulcers, colic, obesity and stall vices.

4* With over 20 different styles and sizes and 3 different size squares, we have a bag for every situation. We have a NibbleNet® that holds everything from one flake up to a 50# bale.

5* Our unique webbing grid is the best material for slow-feeding. This special webbing is custom woven for us. It is strong, yet soft and will not get stiff and hard with years of use. It is tightly woven to resist dirt and water absorption. It will not stretch or shrink over time. It is rot and mildew resistant and has a higher resistance to abrasion which will significantly extend the life of the bag. No other webbing on the market can compare!

Our NibbleNet ® is a 1" webbing grid of holes which is very different from 1" string or rope net hay bags.
For example, with a string hay bag with 1" holes, the horse can still grab hay on both sides of the string making it easier for the horse to get the hay.
With our NibbleNet ®, the horse must pull the hay through the webbing hole making it more difficult and slowing the horse down more.
We only recommend the 1.25" or 1.00" openings for a well seasoned slow-feeder horse, pony or mini.
Fair warning: The 1" openings are extremely small! This is why we only offer the 1.25" / 1.00" combination.

6* We are constantly designing new products and improving our existing ones. We are serious about quality, We are also very serious about keeping our manufacturing right here in the USA to provide jobs for Americans. We will never outsource. We give back to the community, to our country and always to the horse. We donate 10% of everything that we make to help horses in need. We love horses, that is why we do what we do. It is all about the horse.

7* We use the highest quality materials right down to the UV resistant marine quality thread. All of the webbing intersections are commercially glued and stitched for ultimate strength.

8* The vinyl that we use is either 22 ounce or 40 ounce on our larger bags. We do not scrimp!

9* You know when you buy The NibbleNet®, that you are getting the highest quality hay bag on the market. Years of testing and development have gone into this bag and it shows!

10* When you call on the phone, you reach Deb, the creator of The NibbleNet®, ready to help you with any questions you may have. Where can you get service like that anymore?

11* You can see and purchase any of our NibbleNet® products directly from us by clicking here. You may also visit one of our authorized dealers and distributors. And remember to always look for The NibbleNet® label and logo.

***Please observe your horse and remember that safety is paramount with our beloved equines***
The NibbleNet ® is extremely safe and durable.
Please take care in how you secure any bag or any object around horses.
NibbleNet® is a registered trademark of Thin Air Canvas, Inc.
We are the exclusive manufacturers of  NibbleNet® created and invented by our founder Deb Rusden

We are a small company and our staff wear many hats.
We divide our time between the office and the warehouse.
Our normal office hours are 9am to 5 pm EST Mon. - Fri. , but the BEST time to reach us is
10 am to 2 pm EST when we are processing and shipping orders for the day.
Please always leave a message and we will return your call just as soon as possible.
Emails are often an easier and quicker way to connect and we check them frequently as we are on the computer throughout the day.

Please look for the label on each bag with our logo and registered trademark.