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Illustration of Different Size Openings

1.25"  Opening                        1" Opening

2" Opening                                 1.5" Opening


 Video of "Robo-Cop", a 16 hand Thoroughbred owned by Sally Hugg nibbling from his 12" XL NibbleNet ® with 1.5" openings.

"As a full time hoof care professional...I am recommending your product to all of my clients" --- Sally Hugg



These are Police Department Mounted Unit horses
The horses are all Draft crosses (mostly PMU) which are the best for police work
The NibbleNet ® keeps them occupied when they are not working or training. They love their NibbleNets ®!!


Zebra with NibbleNet ® at Zoo Atlanta (photo by Lynne Lavalle)

Lesser Kudu with NibbleNet ® at Zoo Atlanta (photo by Lynne Lavalle)

The XL 12" NibbleNet ® keeps these boys busy at the trailer

The NibbleNet ® in Action, Free-Swinging

Radar using his 9" NibbleNet ® with 1.5" holes

Nifty Idea: Double-ended snap hooks on barn

The NibbleNet ® hangs nicely on a fence


Mickey the Mini eating from his Picnic NIbbleNet ®

Jerry likes to eat upside down!!

Irish with a 9" NibbleNet ® and Mickey with a Picnic NibbleNet ®

Icelandics enjoying their 4" NibbleNet ®

Icelandic enjoying a sunny breakfast

Bo using his 12" NibbleNet ® with 1.5" holes