The Original NibbleNet®
*The safest way to Slow-Feed your horse
*Safe, Quick, Easy to Use
*New Features add Stability and Versatility
*Highest quality materials
*The toughest bag available!
*Used by Top Trainers, Clinicians, Veterinarians and Farriers
*Feed your horse knowing he is healthy and happy!

*The NibbleNet® must be secured properly! It is designed to be hung on solid standing objects suitable for securing a horse. The reason that we say this is to keep your horse safe! Please take care in how you hang any bag water bucket or object around your horse.

*The height that you hang your bag is personal preference, but please make sure that your horse is safe! We hang our bags at chest height like we would a water bucket, but if your horse has shoes, we recommend hanging the bag higher in case the horse paws or strikes out at the bag.

*Some of the NibbleNets® can be used as ground feeders. You must take extra care if your horse has shoes!! We recommend installing the NibbleNet® in a box or trough if your horse has shoes. Even if your horse doesn't have shoes, we still recommend a box or trough as horses can paw and destroy things easily. The Nibble-N-Go or Double-Nibble Ground Feeder can be clipped shut and put in the pasture unsecured, but you must know your horse and observe your horse. If there is any doubt at all, please hang your bag!! If the horse is allowed to paw at the bag, the life of the bag will be severely shortened.

*Please remember that safety is paramount with our beloved Equines!

*The NibbleNet® can be hung or mounted just about anywhere: In a stall, in a run-in shed, inside and outside a trailer, on a fence, or in a box or trough.

*Make sure the surface behind the bag is a smooth consistent surface and free from sharp objects. The vinyl we use is very tough,but a surface that is excessively rough will eventually show signs of chafe on the bag. A great solution for chafe is a square of carpet installed between a rough wall and the NibbleNet®

*The Double-Nibble is our toughest bag and is highly recommended for inconsistent surfaces such as hanging on a pipe corral, fence, post or tree.

*In a stall, it can be hung from a single ring, stall bars, around a wood beam or pole.

*Most of our bags have straps included and extra straps can be purchased if needed. Please check our website for details on each bag.

*Once you have determined a secure spot to hang your bag, you can hang your bag from the back D-rings and slide the flakes of hay in easily like putting a pillow into a pillow case. Or of course you can slide the hay into the bags first and then hang them.

*Once the hay is stuffed in the bag, clip the front D-rings to the back ones. The top of the bag must be clipped closed using the front D-rings clipped to back D-rings. Use all of the D-rings provided to make sure the top is properly shut and make sure the hay is pushed away from the top of the bag. If the hay is sticking out of the top, you will teach the horse to eat out of the top and defeat the purpose of the bags.

*Secure the bottom of the bag for best results especially if you have purchased one of our Standard bags that have vinyl on one side. If the horse flips the bag over and has the vinyl side facing him, he may get frustrated and paw at the bag. By securing the bottom of the bag, the horse also has something solid to pull against which is good when the horse is first getting used to the NibbleNet®

*For a nice transition, place hay in the NibbleNet® and also on the floor (or however you previously have been giving hay). This way the horse is not stressed about the new object in his or her stall and the horse has hay readily available to eat to stay calm.

*Please note that we cannot be responsible for damage caused by horse or owner. Please inspect the bag when you receive it for manufacture defects. If you find a defect within 5 days, we will send you a new bag. Please understand that after the bag is used, it is not a manufacture defect. Horses can be rough on things. Please observe your horse and remove the bag should you see potential problems arise. Periodically bags will need repair or replacement. This will depend on the horse and the environment. We do not do repairs. However, we have carefully designed these bags to be easily repaired by any canvas shop, saddle maker, shoe repair shop or someone that repairs winter blankets. An industrial machine is all that is needed.

*Please note that any of our photos are to be used for ideas only and must be customized for your situation.

-Make sure all hay is removed from the bag.
-We recommend soaking the entire bag in a muck bucket full of soapy water for at least an hour. A capful of Lysol works well.
-Scrub the bag with a brush to remove all dirt, horse hair and hay. Pay special attention to the webbing.
-Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry in the sun.

Periodically cleaning your NibbleNet ® will extend its life since dirt and sand can wear down the fibers. Allow the NibbleNet ® to dry thoroughly whenever possible to reduce odors.