NibbleNet ® Premium Ground Feeder Slow and Slower

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This is our new "Double-Nibble Ground Feeder Slow and Slower."

 We have picked this size and design as we believe it is perfect for feeding on the ground.

Double Nibble Ground Feeder 8" Deep
30" tall x 22" wide x 8" Deep
Includes (6) Double-ended snap hooks and (6) stainless steel pad eyes

Double-Nibble Ground Feeder 12" Deep
30" tall x 22" wide x 12" Deep
Includes (6) Double-ended snap hooks and (6) stainless steel pad eyes

Slow and Slower feeder: 2" x 1.5", 1.5" x 1.25 or 1.25x 1" openings

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The Double-Nibble design has the webbing on both sides. So either side can be used and water is allowed to drain out should the bag get wet.

-We have added D-rings to the top corners in order to secure all four corners of the bag. There are (4) sets of D-rings on the top and (2) D-rings on the bottom. It comes with (6) Double-ended snap hooks and (6) stainless steel pad eyes.

The Double Nibble Ground-Feeder can be mounted to a stall mat, a wood pallet, or inside a trough or wood box.

This bag can also be filled with hay, the top closed and thrown into the pasture without securing it to anything.

Remember to always use common sense with our Equine friends. Do not feed on the ground if your horse is shod. A horse cannot get a hoof caught in the 2' or 1.5" openings as they are too small. However, if the horse paws at it, there is always a risk of catching the back of the shoe in an opening. A perfect solution is to secure the bag inside a trough or wood box!

-Optional straps available


Materials for attaching 2 ground feeders to half stall mats

1 - 4'x6'x3/4" stall mat

24 - #8 x 1 1/4" nuts & bolts

48 - 1/8"x1" fender washers

Using a jig saw or box knife, cut the mat in half to make 2 - 4'x3' mats (each mat will weigh approx 50 lbs)

As with all Premium products:
All D-rings on the Double-Nibble bags are stainless steel
40 ounce vinyl

***Please observe your horse and remember that safety is paramount with our beloved equines***
The NibbleNet ® is extremely safe and durable.
Please take care in how you secure any bag or any object around horses.